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Brendan Jamieson bjamieson at ameritech.net
Mon Oct 4 22:57:48 EDT 1999

Mark Page wrote:
>I'm sure I know a couple of people who are happy to hear this.  :)

>I don't think I've ever been depressed after watching EOE.

The first time I saw EoE, even after all the spoilers, I was pretty...
hmm, "shaken up". Something about the grainy quality of the bootleg
and the whole "feeling" of the film was disturbing. The odd thing was
after the screening trying to figure out what I felt about the film.
It was weird, because I realized  didn't remember any of it beyond the
scenes I had wanted to see [animated]. For example, Asuka's arm
splitting, the Eva-02 vs MP Evas battle, Rei/Shinji melting togeather
and the infamous "kimouchi warui." sequance. Other than that, I
seriously could not remember anything. And as far as dialogue, forget

For a while I was scared that I only said I liked EoE was because it
was the cool thing to do. Not until after I saw the fansub was I
positively sure of what I felt for the film. Looking beyond the TV
series and beyond controversy of the production of End, I took EoE not
as a continuation or remake of the original ending. I took it as a
stand alone film. I then realized that I really did like it. And no,
not to be trendy. And not (as George would say) to be artsy fartsy.
Because I really *did* like it. Because its themes and direction
*were* spectacular. Because I could feel Shinji's anguish, hear
Misato's desperation and experiance Asuka's rebirth to her death. I
though EoE was one of the most important, if not one of the best,
animated films to be created. 

And while I may be burned at the stake as a heretic for this, I do not
think the TV series, on a whole, is better than the 80minutes of EoE.
Had the entire series been in the style of episodes 16 on, then that
would be different. But the first 15 episodes were not amazing, or
original, or thought-provoking. The End of Evangelion, the full 80
minutes of it, is. 
Of course, I know your feelings towards EoE, Mark. I'm in no way
trying to pursuade you to look at it from my point of view. In fact,
your cynicism is rather justified. 

>Of course, the last time I'd viewed it I'd just seen Perfect Blue and Lain,
>so it really doesn't stand out as much. 

Off-topic, but I must ask. What did you think of Lain?

>I think I have to say that, after the AJAS anime club showing, the general
>consensus was that the movie is, basically, crap.

The people I saw EoE with were a mixed lot. They did clap at the end
though, which was nice. But I did hear some angry "What the f*ck was
that?" going around. The majority of us were just dazed (although,
considering the majority of us had also been awake for the past

Interesting, that at its initial premier, '2001:A Space Odyssey'
recieved the same treatment. Even people who don't like 2001 (I am
lukewarm towards it) can't help but admit it was a visionary work that
set the stage for future science fiction. The End of Evangelion is the
same, in my humble opinion.


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