[EVA] Australian broadcast of Eva

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Tue Oct 5 12:28:01 EDT 1999

<<In the company of films like those from Ghibli, those by Mamoru Oshii or even productions like Perfect Blue, it is difficult to truly define where EOE sits in the food chain.>>

comparatively, taking the series and the film as one package may be a little more useful. a lot of serious ink has been spilled on where the hell EVA TV/EoE should be in the pantheon of anime, and more importantly, within japanese filmmaking. 

essential considerations preclude EoE as a stand-alone film, as the narrative would be completely incomprehensible without the TV stuff; although the fair amount of taboo-busting is commendable. not so much the ejaculation bit early in the film but the fact that we did NOT see UNIT 01 engaged in the only set-piece mecha battle in the movie.

without having to exaggerate its virtues, technical innovation and dexterity alone would be enough to propel EoE up there on the list of all-time greats. the montage+live action techniques from eps 24-26 and the latter part of EoE have alreadly been cited on many occasions as the single most important cinematic contribution of EVA. right up there with how ghibli's later films depicted the dappled effect of light as it 
passed through trees. very, very hard to do.

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