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At 04:50 PM 10/5/1999 -0500, Brendan Jamieson wrote:

>I don't know if I'm being too sensitive, or if I worded my sentance
>wrong, but I did not mean that art-house style film is 'bad'.  What I
>meant by my sentace was that I wasn't simply calling EoE a
>groundbreaking masterpiece because of its status as just that, an art
>film. I am still convinced that this was the fate of 'Beloved'. People
>only said they liked it/understood it because it was weird, and
>off-beat, and totally incomprehensible. I didn't want to fall into the
>category of the person who often spouts phrases like "If you were
>smart enough you'd get it."

Oddly enough, I completely understood what was going on in EOE the first
time I watched it.  The same goes with many other "incomprehensible" films,
and I don't regard myself as being the smartest person on the face of the
planet.  I just have thought processes that are the mental equivalent of a
moebius loop.  ^_^;;  Sometimes even I don't know what I'm going to think

Back in the days when I was a DrWho fan, I mentioned to someone that I
found the story "Ghost Light" pathetically simple, to which they almost
suffered an apoplexy.  For those who don't know, "Ghost Light" is the DrWho
equivalent of placing your brains in a blender.  In three parts, no less.  ^_^

I never really bother spouting to people that they're not smart enough to
"get" something like an indie or arty film, if it attempts to be complex.
Those same people could whip my ass on another subject if they so wished.

>Same applies to The Blair Witch Project. Lets be truthful people, that
>film really did suck. And yet there are thousands of people
>proclaiming how outstanding it is. And why? Because it was an
>independant film. Because it was mega hyped with extreme rumors left
>and right.

Haven't seen it, yet, and don't really want to after all the hype that has
surrounded it.  Indeed, from some of the press it received across the
newsgroups in the UK, it sounded like an immense yawn.  I don't like being
manipulated into watching something, and Blah Witch has long tripped my
bullshitometer....  ^_^;;

>I think that episode 16+ and EoE are "a beautiful and emotional
>story." I am just happy that the entire series was not the intro
>episodes. I understand the idea of the "Trojan Horse" fine, but that
>just makes me wonder what Eva had been as an OAV series. Where Anno
>didn't necessarily need a Trojan Horse.

Why did Anno need the "Trojan Horse" in the first place?  Other series jump
straight to the point, rather than suck people in by pretending to be
something they're not.  This is why Eva fans spend so much time having to
explain to people why things turned out the way they did (it wasn't
supposed to be an ordinary mecha show to begin with blah blah blah it has
deeper underlying themes of the self blah blah blah).  As an OAV, the
series wouldn't have claimed the audience Anno and Gainax would have wanted
for it.  TV is the only way, in these times, to make the public take
notice, and want to buy your merchandise and make you extremely rich.  Pity
about that tax stuff.  Really threw a spanner in the works....

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