[EVA] [Eva] Quick question about Eva64...

James Anger gendourokobungi at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 11 01:02:12 EDT 1999

I don't recall any such picture but if you can FWD it to me, I can see If I 
can read it(I'm only a second year japanese student though). If I can't, I 
can see if my japanese teacher can read it for me(he is proficent enough to 
read japanese novels, so this shouldn't be too much of a hassle).

>a few weeks ago,someone from this Ml was
>kind enough to scan a page from the N64 Eva64 Guide
>book witch has pictures of the two player mode(Witch
>inculdes a Unit-05 eva VS the 4th angel) and lots of
>words,Big problem is those words are in japanese,and
>me with a lack of japanese nolage cant read them,So
>would someone on the list who can read japanese,be
>willing to translate this page? it be much apricated:D

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