[EVA][Meta&Question] What the hell has happened?

George Chen gchen at community.net
Tue Oct 12 23:21:59 EDT 1999

<some spoiler on EOE>

> <this is taken from the ML archive>
> Lilith went to the desert near the Red Sea and gave
> birth(with some Djinns)17 demons called Lilims,the 18th born is Cain
> <end clip>
> This is what "real" (real world )religion says. In EVA, the 17 demons
> represent the angels and the 18th, Cain, represents humans.

Good for you. You actually notice the inconstancy between the real world
religion and the religious symbolism in Eva.

While there's no doubt Mr. Anno borrowed a lot from Christianity, one must
interpret the usage and the meaning cautiously.

> My question is, is there a different explanation for the creation of the
> angels in the Evangelion universe?  Who created them and why? (I've never
> gotten a good explanation of this)

It was never fully explain *where* the Angles are from. In the original TV
script, the Angles/Shito came from the moon (white moon). Hence the visual
of the moon and the ending theme song Fly Me to The Moon.

> With all the obvious religion woven into the plot, is the being/idea "God"
> ever actually mentioned?  And if so does he/she/it play a role in the story?
> This might be true but I never recall seeing anything like it, in the
> episodes or EoE.

Ritsuko did manage to mention "God" a few times in the series and "EOE" (so
did Gendo). At the same time, they have also mention "technology" and raise
that to philosophical level and compare and contrast the two.

I personally don't think, in the World of Evangelion, people believe in God
and God's involvement (at least, He didn't appear as a burning bush and
talked to SEELE about the grand plan and such)... ^_-;;;

At the same time, they did believe "technology" can/will help them achive
some type of "Godhood".

If one believe "God" exist in real life, it is much easier for one to be
convinced God's involvement in series.


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