[EVA] Hello...& What is Fanservice?

Graham Barrett artemis_gb at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 14 11:55:18 EDT 1999


--- Imme0k at aol.com wrote:
> I agree with brendan, the bigwig's would just ruin
> Eva, they's probably make it all Misato fanservice
and violence, not that these are bad things :-)

I am still new to this mailing list, but have been
watching anime since 1991. and the only time I have
ever encountered the term "Fanservice" was in the next
episode adverts in Evangelion. I have some suspicions
what it means, but does anybody on the list actually
know what it means, its been bugging me ever since I
heard it...

Sorry if this has already been answered already...
Graham Barrett

PS: I have a Video Capture Card in my Computer, so if
anybody wants a specific shot from Genesis 1-13 I can
see what I can do. Also I am getting the Evangelion
Movies DVD set from Japan (Death[True]2/Rebirth &
EOE), though I dont know if I can capture stills from

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