Brendan Jamieson bjamieson at ameritech.net
Fri Oct 15 17:32:40 EDT 1999

Iris Irine wrote:
>It seems rather odd that Manga Ent. should do something like this.

I find this highly unlikely. If the primary source for the notion that
EoE would be screened in theaters was ANN, then that wouldn't be much
of a leg to stand on. So far, ANN is the only place I have heard of
Manga's supposed intent to censor the film.

>I could understand if this was only done for the theatrical release

Correct, not to mention the underage angle. Although I just saw
'American Beauty' (which, btw, may be the very best film of the yeat)
and was wondering how they got some of the nude scenes with a 17 year
old actress (age of consent in the US being 18). Turns out under US
law minors *can* be shown nude on film as long as it's not overtly
sexual, and as long as the Children's Welfare committee and parents
are present for filming. Considering EoE's animated nature... I really
don't know how an MPAA board would react to the film. It's besides the
point though, since EoE would definately be released Unrated.

>that article sounds a little unprofessional to be considered a "definite source".

>(Can't remember... Was it  Manga Ent. that released "Ninja Scroll" in US?).

Yes it was. But I don't believe there was ever an "Edited" version of
it released. If the version I own is the edited one, then Manga
must've been pretty liberal with it :P

Shinji001 at aol.com wrote:
>Plus don't you think it was a  little...rude?

Entirely justified.


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