[EVA] The Second Angel?

George Chen gchen at community.net
Sun Oct 17 01:44:32 EDT 1999


> The Second Angel is Lilith. This is confirmed in the Japanese Genesis
> Liner Notes. Lilith is the same as Adam, they are both sources of
> Life. Since Adam, one source of Life, is considered the First Angel,
> it is only logical to consider Lilith, who is the other source, the
> Second.

This is funny since "Who is the Second Angel?" came up exactly about a year
ago on this mailing list.

The original liner note is back online:


While it is not *definitive*, it is pretty clearly stated in the liner note
that Lilith as No.2 *if* one follows the numbering system.

My opinions bellow:

First and Second Angle don't really exist.

Misato and most of the NERV called Adam "First Angle" because the don't know
the true nature of Angles/Shito --which are the children of Adam (while
human are the children of Lilith).

Lilith and Adam are in their own "class". Sort of like the Yin and Yang if
you will.

The numbering system is mare human creation. Whatever you like to call
Lilith and Adam, it really doesn't matter. What matters, is, one must
understand the superior nature of Adam and Lilith. Putting all of them
(Angel, Adam, Lilith) in the same class is very unnatural.


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