R: R: [EVA] The Second Angel?

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Sun Oct 17 20:32:52 EDT 1999

> No, the comma *does* change the meaning of the sentance. Bochan
> explained that when the native Japanese speakers saw the comma, they
> all changed their interpretation of the quote. This evidence *is*
> rather definitive.

That's exactly the contrary of what I thought after reading your sequence.
Natives had to change their interpretation, but I'm positive they didn't
recieve scripts during the airing so they were supposed to have it already
the other way. BBird said that probably they did, but there is no Japanese
person I know that saw the movies at cinemas that can tell me which way it

> I didn't write this. George did.

Ys, sorry, I forgot to add his name. However, there were >> for you and >
for him.

> Opinion to what? Who else can fall into the position as 2nd Angel?

Ever heard of "you're not supposed to actually know?" Who could be in
Eva00's core? Who could be that guy in the SSTO with Gendou that talks about
the Eva series?

> But we have a very good idea.

But there is more than one (even the "Reiis the second angel" one isn't that
bad, although I don't like it much and it has some half-incompatabilities
with the show).

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