[EVA] Questions about EVA

nerv at telstra.easymail.com.au nerv at telstra.easymail.com.au
Tue Oct 19 22:12:28 EDT 1999

I haven't seen the Evangelion movies, and if my bad luck holds out, I never will. So if there is someone out there that would be nice enough to give me brief summary of what happens. I live in a rather boring town in Australia, and the nearest place to by anything to do with Evangelion is at least a 4 hour drive, and being 16, without a drivers licence, it is very difficult for me to get there. This unfortunately means that I have allot of unanswered questions about EVA. I also don't have web access, so I can't go looking for the information. So please forgive me ignorance. I'm starting to fill in the gaps thus far, and I think I am getting the gist of things. What is the reason for Asuka's mother going insane? By that I mean how did it happen.
One last thing, I read that Gendou has Adam implanted in him, could someone explain why that happened. I shouldn't have many stupid questions from now on, only relevant points of view, or a different perspective on a situation.
Thank you.

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