[EVA] The thesis of the cruel angel.

Russ Thornton russthornton at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 22 13:06:54 EDT 1999

Ah, philosophy... You've just gotta love a class where you can write about 
Evangelion for your term paper. ^^ I heard from a friend that a lot of 
people on this list had done just that, and so I was interested in hearing 
everyone's theses so it could help me get the ideas flowing. I AM NOT ASKING 
FOR YOUR PAPERS! Just a thesis and couple of the high points will do 
nicely... (The last thing I need is a reputation as a plagiarist.) And hey, 
if I use your ideas, I'll be sure to cite you as a "modern philosopher." ;)

I realize this is a little off-topic, and probably boring to everyone else, 
so feel free to send it directly to my email address instead of replying to 
the list. Thanks, everyone!

~Russ Thornton
russthornton at hotmail.com

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