[EVA] (OT) Perfect Blue [again]

George Chen gchen at community.net
Sat Oct 23 22:08:47 EDT 1999

Hay guys you know what?

I know Rob Blackwelder in person and he's actually a pretty good movie

I have to admit, he's a little harsh on PB. I got a chance talked to him
(just last night) about the film/anime and he's not against anime at all. He
*likes* Miyazaki work, and he especially likes Kiki. He just doesn't think
PB works.

One has to realize he's coming from "American movie critic" POV but not as
an Anime fan. He just treated PB like any other film... and movie review is
also a very personal thing.

Finally, Rob didn't said the dub sucks. He just finds the translation

Also, I was telling David that the original VA of Mima in Japanese is the VA
of Maya, actually, she's the VA of Hikari in Eva instead...


>> Perfect Blue was reviewed by Spliced Online
>> http://www.splicedonline.com/99reviews/perfectblue.html
>> Subject reads: 'Bubble-headed Japanese teen-pop star is stalked and
>> haunted in anything-but-perfect 'Blue'
>> ¬_¬
> Should we really give credence to a reviewer who cannot spell Hayao
> Miyazaki?  I think not.
> As for the issue of Mangle's dub work.... I really shouldn't comment.
> Every time I say "dubs should be torched, along with their defenders" I
> seem to upset someone.  ;D

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