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> Show me where in the series it says Rei is physically cloned from
> Lilith.  The link between Rei and Yui is established clearly, and the
> idea that Rei is a vessel for Lilith's soul is *heavily* implied (and
> just about outright stated in the laserdisc notes), but *nowhere* is
> it even implied that Rei and Lilith are physically related (except in
> so far as all humans are descended from Lilith).

    I second that, and in addition I give a possible answer to the
coming question "why does then she have blue hair and red eyes?" that
poppoed out months ago on the list. One of the possible effects of cloning
is loss of pigmentation ability, and that would be the reason for the
unusual colors of hair and eyes (and skin) of Rei and Kaworu. I will remark
however that just as nowhere it is stated that Kaworu and Rei are DNAngelic,
it says nowhere that they are not, nor that the given answer is the right
one. But I'm slanted to hold responsible for her ability to project a
physical atfield the soul she's been given.
       As for the fact that an Eva projects an ATField, many possibilities
arise: however, I tend to believe that the Eva acts as an amplifier for the
pilot's atfield, or better said, for the atfield of the entity controlling
the Eva.
       In Eva 01's case, when it's berserk it might be either SHinji's or
Yui's atfield.
       In the case of Unit 02 in EoE, Asuka says that her mther's been
always there protecting her with the atfield, but that cinvinction that
being shut and shielded will make her happy is proved worng moments later.
So it might have been her own Field.
       For the MPs, we know that they generate anti atfileds that resonate
with Lilith or whatever you consider that being that looks like a giant Rei
to be. They are not of any definite help in this case, actually. However,
since in the case of atfields there are always souls involved, I'd say the
main responsibility for an atfield to exist is up to souls. (damn and it
took me so long to say that!)
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