[EVA] The EVA/Peanuts Connection!

David K baka_shinji at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 24 21:31:42 EDT 1999

> >> > Rei      --> Pig Pen
> >>
> >>O_O  I *beg* to differ!
>Well, Hayashibara Megumi voiced both characters (Rei and Pen Pen).  But 
>then again Megumi voices so many characters these days, I can't even tell 
>the differences anymore.  Eg.  Did you know she voices Faye Valentine in 
>Cowboy Bebop?  Talk about 180 degrees change from her Nuku-Nuku/Lime or Rei 
>personality.  The guy who did Kaji's VO also did Spike Spiegel's (of Bebop) 

No, no - Pig Pen, not Pen Pen. Know your Peanuts characters, friend. And 
yes, if you close your eyes during Bebop and let your mind wander, it sounds 
like Ikari Yui and Kaji Ryouji are bickering/flirting. Now that would be an 
interesting fan-fic.


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