R: [EVA] The Second Angel? *EOE spoliers*

Ebj e.barone at flashnet.it
Tue Oct 26 00:47:49 EDT 1999

>But my understanding is, Adam and Lilith are both ranked in number 1 of the
>angelic order. Adam is the open, obvious entry whereas Lilith is the hidden
>secret entry.

That's a possibility but no one knows for sure. Adam is the first, Lilith,
well, Lilith it's not even safe to assume she's an angel...

>Because they are like "Yin Yang" with both black and white moon co-exists;

But they might be 'mother' and 'son', and that means they wouldn't be
'equal' in _all_ respects anymore...

>also Kwaoru and Rei are managed to fused together with Lilith's body in
>it is possible to believe that they were originally appeared in this form.

Kaworu and Rei are not (necessarily) Adam and Lilith. And despite The
ultimate being assuming his form in EoE, we never see Kaworu's body be
merged with Rei, and for his mind and soul we don't know either...

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