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I-Ming Chen roddd at geocities.com
Sun Oct 17 15:02:41 EDT 1999

> That is a really good translation but...I never heard it in the series
> -shinji

Uh, I don't think it's in the series at all. It's just one of those "songs
inspired by the series..." kinda things. There are a bunch of songs that
aren't in the series but on the CDs.

Btw, the title of the song has also been translated as "Premonition" or
"Presentience" which sounds a lot better than "Hunch". :-)

Say, are there lyrics for "Love Antique" on the Refrain CD? I've looked at
the archive and hundreds of other sites to look for it but no one has it.
Anyone with the Refrain CD that knows? That Japanese accented English song
is hard to understand completely.

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