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> <<That means *she* has awakened,'>>
> << (NOTE: I
>  purposefully did not explain the quoted one-liner to keep from spoiling) >>
> BUT, now that you brought what Ritsuko said up, what exactly does that mean

Well, sense you asked for it.. the 'she' is Yui, Shinji's mother.  Yui is
actually Unit01's first pilot.  Do you remember the episode where Shinji
got sucked into Unit1 and his body disappeared?  Well, he was in there
talking to his mother and on the outside Ritsuko had said something about
it having happened before.. it happened with Yui.. that's how her soul got
trapped inside of Unit1.  This is similar to Asuka's mother's soul being
inside Unit2 (from EoE) although I'm not sure how many of the details
actually match.


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