R: [EVA] End of Evangelion DVD from Gainax

Briareos Kerensky darkwolf at tin.it
Wed Oct 27 20:08:32 EDT 1999

Valerio wrote:
>It exists ?
>Do you know if there will be any exporting in Italy or other
>regions ?[EVA DVD]
Yes, they exist. No one is importing officially in Italy, but at the last 
Cartoomics (Milan) I found some of them, plus some LaserDiscs, I think. 
Also, if you live in Milan or near it, Yamato Shop had two CD-ROMs about 
EVA, directly from japan. I asked if they had other copies the last  month, 
and they answered that they're unable to say if they found such materials. 
Go to http://gainax.co.jp for a complete listing of Eva DVDs...

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