[EVA] Ep. 12 (?)

Chewie Chewie at hawaii.rr.com
Thu Oct 28 00:29:59 EDT 1999

That is the lance, just covered by a large tarp or something...  It would be
about the same size as the lance, and right after they finishe the fight
sequence, and they are talking in Gendous office, Fuyutsuki asks about the
Lance, and Gendou says "Rei is taking care of it."  They obviously excavated
it from Antactica, brought it back on the carrier, and Rei (shiver) ran
Lillith through with it whilst the hung on the cross...  The thought of Rei
doing that is certainly disturbing as are the sound of the steps of her Eva
as she is walking alon Terminal Dogma....


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