[EVA] A few questions

THSB29955 at aol.com THSB29955 at aol.com
Thu Oct 28 14:09:52 EDT 1999

LCL is not something that's really hard to come by.  Ever seen
the movie 'Abyss'?  Near the end one of the guys goes down for a very deep
dive (I think he breaks a record in the process) and discovers a hidden
alien city at the bottom of the ocean.

Yes, I have seen the movie (one of my favorites), I have it on tape in 3 
different forms.  Another thing that bothers me is in the Abyss, Bud had to 
drain the fluid from his lungs, why don't the Eva pilots have to do the same, 
I mean wouldn't they drown so to speak after they get out of the LCL and the 
oxygen runs out.  And on that note how can Rei cry when she is in the entry 
plug, if it is filled with LCL?  The episode where this question pops up is 
when Rei sacrifices herself to save Nerve and Shinji(episode 22, I think).  

Do you resemble Kaji in that you don't shave the stuble on your jawline or
what?  LOL

Yes, I do not only with the stuble but I also have the length hair as him.

The guy who somewhat resembles Kaji!

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