[EVA] critical theory and eva?

Sebastien Hein sebastienhein at sprint.ca
Thu Oct 28 14:06:39 EDT 1999

I am looking for an essay about evangelion and Frankfurt critic theory
since the fascist analogy are so numerous:  Among other thing, it would help
to understand the role of the serie as post-modern oeuvre of denounciation
of the economic/cultural japan sub-imperialism of the sings : fascist-like
strategies to market "youth culture", pro hyper consumerism and depandant
for stories("otakus=fools" as Anno said).
Maybe I'm wrong on some of my ideas and/or missed alot of other "truths".
Someone,  back me up to me on this please! Kuz I think critical theory (say,
Horkheimer to Habermas)is a very prolific complementary approach.

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