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Fri Oct 29 10:44:53 EDT 1999

> The AT field has to be made mechanically some how. If the AT field of an
Eva was made by the soul of the pilot, it wouldn't work when the dummy plug
is in control. The area of the pilot is completely cut off, and the core of
the dummy plugs has no soul. They are "empty husks" SO using that little
piece of information, the AT field must be made some other way.

But apparently anything closely related to the soul is not replicable in
Eva, and the ATfield is what keeps it individual. If they could manipulate
ATFields technologically then by extension they could too manipulate
AntiATFields and therefore enact Instrumentality pressing a button. This
poses the problem of the MP Evas, a problem that can be speculatively only
patched if we assume that Kaworu's dummy plugs, maybe helped by the S^2
Engine, allow some sort of derivative soul into the white uglies. It
wouldn't be the first time. The bomb angel (Mr. Amoeba) generated pieces of
itself which had an ATField. Either he's similar to Israfel and therefore it
is probably one ATField surreounding multiple bodies (some problems here but
let's not dig for now) or it is a "filiation" process and therefore we have
a new, "inferior" individual that is nevertheless gifted with a soul and
corresponding ATField. Both cases could then be applied to Kaworu dummy
plugs and the MPs at this point.

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