[EVA] AT Fields

nerv at telstra.easymail.com.au nerv at telstra.easymail.com.au
Fri Oct 29 21:31:41 EDT 1999

It's unit 03. Aside of that, is it evidently used an ATField at the time?

OK I made a little mistake, but unit 3 and 4 do look similar. Ant way, Unit 3 did use it's AT field. You see it activate when it jumps on the back of unit 00. So how could unit one stop it without activating its own AT field.

Something else to think about. In the English Dub version, when Shinji is fighting unit 2, when Kaworu is in control, and the two knives head towards Kaworu, he states this.
"...Light of my soul, a sacred territory in which no one may intrude. Aren't you lilim even aware yet that your so called AT field is merely that wall that encloses every mind that exist."
This may imply that an AT field may be generated by a mind or a soul.
one last thing, Kaworu also states this " ...Your EVA's and I are composed of the same matter..." 
This suggest to me he is a clone of Adam, in some way, or an angel, but the original.

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