[EVA] Eva Music

Dorian K Arnold dkast5+ at pitt.edu
Fri Oct 29 11:22:09 EDT 1999

Kaworu has wonderful taste in music.  IIRC he hums the Ode to Joy (Movements
IV and V of Beethoven's 9th Symphony) just prior to his first meeting with
Shinji.  In the Eva cage, prior to hijacking Unit02, and again IIRC, very
light overtures toward the third movement of that same symphony are used as
BGM.  At the crucial moment in Terminal Dogma, when they fire all the
animators ^_^; ,  we're treated to the one minute finale of movement five,
the Choral portion of the Ode to Joy.

If you're MP3 hunting on the net, be wary of not only which movement you're


Some composers have a nasty tendency to combine movements 4 and 5 as the
former flows smoothly into the latter.  If you're looking for the choral
bit, try to find Beethoven's 9th Symphony V.  Also, observe the orchestra,
as certain companies do better than others.  I recommend John Elliot
Gardiner or the London Symphony.


Anyway, Beethoven's 9th is what you want.  Sorry to run on ad infinitum. I
really love classical.


> What is the music being played in the background when Shinji is chasing
after Kaworu?
> Does any body know where I can download Evangelion MIDI files? I bought a
brand new sound card to play the ones I had, but when we installed the new
hardrive, I lost them all.
> I also read somewhere that unit 4 was lost in a sea of Dirac, and that it
may of been the shadow Angel on it's way to Tokyo 3. This can't be because
that Angel was already destroyed. Could someone please help me sort out
these things.
> Thank you.

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