[EVA]Evangelion and Card Captor Sakura

Briareos Kerensky darkwolf at tin.it
Fri Oct 29 17:58:56 EDT 1999

The whole thing started when Mediaset started to broadcast Card Captor 
Sakura, one month ago, IIRC. In the starting (and ending) theme there is a 
scene showing a 20-years old girl with long hair, sunglasses and lipstick. 
The female is Misato, indeed. Her hairs, the lipstick color, the 
glasses...I found were Misato went after Eva.
Today I discovered that other characters found a part in CCS:
Sakura, is the unwilling main character, with special powers. She is 
introvert and she has a little pet in her home. And she is in love with 
Yuki, a gray-haired boy that likes male company. Shinji and Kaworu! They 
haven't sleep togheter, but they go in the same school. And Sakura's 
teacher is the female figure I showed above. The second main character is 
boy (I don't remember his name) trained in special arts, coming from a 
foreign country, that scorn Sakura because she doesn't know enough about 
her "work".
Sakura's mother was died when she was young, and sometimes her ghost 
appears to help her daughter. Sakura's mother isn't exactly like Yui, maybe 
for her long hairs...
Kaji went to CowBoy BeBop; Shinji, Asuka (well, they changed their sex, 
but...), Misato, Kaworu and maybe Yui wne t to Card Captor Sakura...Gendo 
and Fuyustuki retired (guess); Ritsuko? Golden Boy, first episode. The long 
haired blond girl leading a computer company, of course...

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