[EVA] Whats that song?

Skyrocket _ skyrocket35 at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 31 14:05:58 EST 1999

>I just downloaded an EVA music video, (about 6 megs, avi format).  What I 
>want to know is what that background music is, I really like it.  It just 
>piano and techno beat, no vocals. The video shows Shinji sitting on a 
>subway car, then seeing his EVA 01, and then clips of fights with the 3rd, 
>6th, and 7th angels.  And also if anyone knows a link to this mp3, I would 
>really appreciate it. Thank you.

Do you have a URL on that? I love anime MVs, but the only ones of I've found 
so far (that I can download anyway) have been Sailor Moon.


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