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Ebj ebj.nerv at flashnet.it
Fri Jun 2 00:17:27 EDT 2000

> Art is done as expression.  If you do it for money, it's not art.  The Mona
> Lisa (in my mind, mind you) is not art, it's a painting of a woman sitting.
> There is no expression, no commentary or deeper meaning.  What you see is
> what you get.  The same goes for the Sistine Chapel, and anything else
> created by those you named.

Exactly, in your mind. And if you keep it in your mind, it's all fine. And if
you say "hey, I think it should be for free when it's clearly art", it's just as
fine. But, if you say "It should be for free so I'll download it without paying
it", it is not alright.

> If you were to create "real" art (real in my mind, that is), but then try to
> make money off it, you've simply bastardized it, although it could still be
> called art, in a very loose sense of the word.

In a sense *you* consider loose.

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