[EVA] The day after...

Jonathan Gaters katarnx2b at netzero.net
Fri Jun 2 18:00:57 EDT 2000

> What happened after SI?

    A tsunami several thousand feet high and moving fater than the speed of
sound, shot out of Antarctica and wiped out appoximately 3,000,000,000 people.

> The planet's axis tilted.

    Hence the eternal summer in Japan.

> A border skirmish near Pakistan started what could be called WWIII.

    It _was_ WWIII. The whole world started shooting. At who, they didn't care.

> The first S2 was dropped on Tokyo-1.

    ?_? You mean N^2, right? The first man-made S^2 was in Unit-04.

> But what else?

    The UN gained more control over the world. Gehirn was founded. Sea travel
was non-exsistant for years afterwards. (Except for those ships in places like
Chicago, an in-land, deep-water port.)

> Let's hear some ideas about what happened socially and personally after SI.

    One would think Capitalism in many places would colapse. Economic
Depression would be rampant (perhaps starved off for a little while by war).
Communism and Socialism would probably become the system of government in
several countries. The world balance would be shot to hell with so many world
powers gone (e.g. Britain).

> About 1/3 of all humans died.

    No, too little, ½ of all humans died.

> All life in Southern Hemisphere was gone.

    No, only Antarctica was cleansed of life.

> The olympics had to be postponed...

    The Winter Olympics would have to be held in the Southern Hemisphere.

 "Would somebody please add some chlorine to the gene pool?"

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