[EVA][NEWS]Eva-04 Action Figure...

Shinji Ikari shinji01 at nwlink.com
Thu Sep 7 22:18:26 EDT 2000

Okay... what the Mugenhunter is trying to say is that that is only the model
and wasn't designed by the guy who actually designed the Eva series. That is
just a model made by Bandai. They didn't know what unit 04 actually looks
like, and they wanted to have the whole series, and that is how Bandai's
unit 04 came to be. They didn't know what it looked like so they, just made
something crappy. The Mugenhunter isn't talking about the model... he is
talking about the action figure. They are made by a different company. So to
summarize... the Bandai is a fake, designed by someone who works at Bandai,
the other, the action figure, is an Eva designed by Anno himself. So the
real Eva 04 has never been seen. Get it? Those pictures were supplied by
Bandai. I have seen them as well.

"What you truly fear is failure."


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