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Archer archer at senet.com.au
Fri Aug 3 12:27:02 EDT 2001

At 07:20 PM 8/2/01 +0300, you wrote:
>I remember reading that in one of the A-bombs that
>the US used against Japan in WWII, the actual material
>that was turned into energy was the size of an apple.

That's about right. The critical mass for uranium 235 is about the size of 
your fist.

>So if the mass would just have been turned
>into pure energy, the blast that took NERV-02
>would have been a lot bigger.

No, no, the point I was sarcastically making is that this guy is wrong 
about both the mechanism of the SS Engine and what happened to NERV Nevada. 
The way SS Engines work can only be speculated upon, but I am certain that 
it is nothing as banal as total mass conversion. As for the Second US 
Branch, since Ritsuko says it was probably swallowed by a Sea of Dirac, 
then that's probably what happened.

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