[EVA] News on Eva movies

e e29au at yahoo.com.au
Tue Aug 21 03:23:54 EDT 2001

Taken from information posted by lejun at

"Just got back from a rather broing Wizard World
Chicago (formerly known as Chicago Comicon).
One thing I had a chance to do was speak with Keith
Burgess from Manga Entertainment.
Evangelion movies.
2-disc set
Dub is completed.
Sub is being properly timed.
The full "red Cross Book" will not be included as an
extra. A lot of it will though. Including other extras
that they will produce. He said that the Red Cross
Book was written by many different people besides
Gainax and they could't license the whole thing.

And now for the bad news. Aside from the Macrovision
that the movies will (mostly likely) contain of
course. The movies WILL HAVE overlay's."


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