[EVA] Rei's Origins [Spoilers -- if you haven't seen after ep. 18 or so]

ScheenG scheeng at poczta.onet.pl
Wed Aug 22 12:08:38 EDT 2001

> > So is it true that Rei clones can
> > remember their predecessors?

> If not remember, they pass something along to each other.

Indeed, but (if memory serves me) it's done in Terminal Dogma in that big
machine which looks like a gigantic brain + spinal cord (in which we see Rei
having her memories recorded) the process is done (again IIRC) every 2 weeks
or so, hence Rei 3 not remembering that she saved Shinji in ep.23


p.s. So, how 'bout those writings on the LCL container wall in EoE - Air?
Anyone knows?


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