[EVA] Did Rei shut Asuka up? [META]

MMKokusaiYK bochan at fuji.ne.jp
Fri Aug 24 00:48:51 EDT 2001

> Not necessarily.  There are official region-free DVDs of EoE and D&R that
> are Japanese language with English and Chinese subs.

No, there are not.
By that I mean, yes, there are region-free DVDs of EoE and D&R, but they are
*not in any way official*.  The simple fact that they have English and
*Chinese* subs should give a hint right away.
These DVDs are marketed by companies with names like "Japanese Animation
International" to give them the illusion of legitimacy, and they are even
marked and advertised as "official", but this is a lie.  "Region-free DVDs"
in general are bootleg unless they are manufactured and distributed by the
original company -- why? because it is a violation of distributor licenses in
each respective market.


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