[EVA] Rei's Origins (repost)

Brian Haynes deus777 at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 27 10:48:25 EDT 2001

> > I do like the way they portray the magnitude of an effort such as the E
> > project, though. You do not slap something like this together with a
> > scientist and a cute assistant. For something like E, it would resemble 
> > frickin' Apollo Program, which they borrowed from right down to mission
> > control. ;)
>And perhaps the Manhattan Project too ... Project E seems to be a very,
>very need-to-know sort of thing.  I suspect few of the apparently large
>number of people NERV employed had any idea what was going on, save that
>it was "for the good of mankind" or somesuch.

Yeah.  Secret underground base...Ritsuko also tells Shinji in the first 
episode that he won't find anything on Eva-01 in the manual they gave him. 
:)  Then there's the cover-ups of basically every battle. :)

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