[EVA] Re: [spoilers, ahoy!] RE: EOE interpretations, was RE: The Soul in Eva-03 (was: [EVA] Kazuya...

MMKokusaiYK bochan at fuji.ne.jp
Thu Aug 30 17:42:43 EDT 2001

> If we are to assume that the LCL is not just the splooshed off remnants of
> all the humans but are indeed the souls in liquid form,

No assumption is necessary.
When people's souls are extracted in EoE, we see the dot of light (= soul) rise
up and enter the Black Moon (and then Rei/Lilith).  The body then dissolves
into LCL which remains behind in puddles.  The red streak in the sky is the LCL
that spurted from the gash in Rei/Lilith's neck, and a liquid in a vacuum forms
into individual spheres due to surface tension.

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