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MMKokusaiYK bochan at
Fri Aug 31 11:24:44 EDT 2001

> > "Did Misato get a good look at Adam in pre-SI Antarctica?"
> Did she not just see the "wings" towering up into the clouds?

Actually, what I meant was that as the daughter of the survey expidition
leader (Dr. Katsuragi), is it reasonable to assume that Misato would have
gotten a close-up look at Adam before everything went haywire and SI occurred?

After all, when Kaji shows Misato Lilith hanging on the cross in Terminal
Dogma, Misato instantly identifies it as Adam.  Now, unless she is making some
intuitive judgement that any giant hanging on a cross at the bottom of
Terminal Dogma just has to be Adam (who should have been destroyed in SI),
then it would indicate that Lilith and Adam are physically quite similar to
the point of being almost identical in appearance.


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