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Fri Aug 31 12:56:24 EDT 2001

Diaz Lag wrote:
>Hi everyone! i juz wanna know what an AT Field is. 

>From The End of Evangelion theater program (Red Cross Book), Bochan Bird
Translation -

[A.T. Field] 
Abbreviation of "ABSOLUTE TERROR FIELD".  An absolute domain deployed by
the Angels and Eva that forms a physical barrier.  This field
boasts enormous defensive power, and is able to greatly diminish the
power of all weapons.  The Evas' ability to neutralize A.T.Fields is a
major reason why they were viewed as the only weapon capable of
countering the Angels.  However, not only Angels and Eva, but also
possess A.T.Fields, and it is these A.T.Fields that separate humans from
each other and give them their physical forms.  Nagisa Kaworu
described A.T.Fields as "the barrier of the heart that everybody has."

>i'm pretty new to the series (eversince i read your theories, i felt like i knew nothing). thanx!! =)

Welcome aboard ^_^


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