[EVA] "Banned" and Evangelion (was: & Battle Royale)

MMKokusaiYK bochan at fuji.ne.jp
Tue Dec 11 16:11:28 EST 2001

> Michael Wignall pointed out that the Newtype books noted that
> when Misato went to talk to Shinji in episode 23, she was looking
> for more than comfort.

Umm... that particular checkpoint at the bottom of Newtype TV filmbook #9 p25
has a big "maybe" attached.  This is not the usual "appears" or "seems", but
instead an explicit "maybe" (ka mo shirenai).

The literal translation is:
"Misato stretched out her hand to Shinji.  At this time she may have intended
to offer her body to comfort Shinji.  However, this was merely substitutive
behavior in order to assuage her own loneliness."

I agree with a general characterization of Misato relating to men through
sex, but would be very skeptical of thinking that she intended to have actual
sexual intercourse with Shinji had he not pulled away.  I think that offering
simple physical comfort like a good hug and cry on the shoulder (clinging
together in sorrow) would be more realistic.

> And Bochan has also talked about the explicit sex 'soap opera' -esque
> programs that have run in the evening. Shows so explicit they that
> utilize the digital mosaic.

Of course, no-one actually watches these shows...  *cough*

Bochan_bird  :P

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