[EVA] Alternate Endings

MMKokusaiYK bochan at fuji.ne.jp
Mon Mar 5 09:52:14 EST 2001

> > >"Who's the Eva character "24 years old Asuka" was supposed to sleep
> > >in the removed live action sequence of "the End of Evangelion"?"
> > Hmmmmmmm...

My biggest problem with this is that if the EoE trailer is supposed to be
excerpts from this cut live action sequence, then how do they deal with the
fact that Shinji is female? (Ogata Megumi = Shinji VA)

> You can email Olivier here o_hague at noos.fr unfortunately he doesn't have a
> scanner, we know, we asked :) Though I'm sure he will tell you about how he
> came to get a hold of the original scenario of episodes 25' and 26'.

If he really has an original scenario, then he is sitting on a fortune
(especially if it is the original and not a staff photocopy).  I have actual
Gainax in-house production materials (character/mecha drawing references and
animator storyboards) from The Wings of Honneamise, and they cost me an arm
and a leg...  -_-

I would be very interested to see (scans of) said materials.

"The attempted rape scene unfolds differently in the storyboards."

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