[EVA] Biggest source of new Eva info since the RCB!!

MMKokusaiYK bochan at fuji.ne.jp
Mon Sep 10 00:55:14 EDT 2001

I have just found the largest trove of new Eva info (from an official source)
since the RCB.  This source includes clarifications of some of the most
debated and open-to-interpretation issues in Evangelion. And it has been
sitting under my nose for most of a year...  ^^;;;

The source is the Eva Carddass Masters Trading Card Game.
Part I (229 cards) deals with the TV series, and Part II (177 cards) deals
with the Eva movies.  These cards were released in 1998 by Bandai, and were
supervised/approved by Gainax.  Each card contains an image, a title or some
dialog from the TV series or movies, game play instructions, and then some
fine print at the bottom which is commentary/explanation of the background for
that scene.  What makes this extra info especially valuable is that it
includes information and commentary that has not appeared thus far, and it is
stated explicitly with no hedging (might, seems, etc.) of the sort we are used
to from the RCB and liner notes, etc.

For example, Part II (movie) card A-17 is an Angel card, and shows Rei
floating up to Lilith on the cross in Terminal Dogma.  This card is titled
"2nd Angel Lilith", and the small print at the bottom reads (literally):
     "A Source of Life Angel called/named 'progenitor' like
      Adam. Until being noticed by Nagisa Kaworu, Nerv had
      misrepresented the giant crucified in Terminal Dogma as
      Adam, but it was actually Lilith. Ayanami Rei is a being
      with the soul of this Lilith and (a copy of) the body of
      Ikari Yui."

*ba dum*

There is also a card that explains why Shinji strangled Asuka in the final
scene, but that can wait for another post.  *wink wink, nudge nudge*

I had opened a few boxes of the Part I (TV) cards to assemble a set well over
a year ago, but basically just skimmed through the cards matching numbers to
complete the set, which I then packed away in the card boxes.  About 6 months
or so ago, I acquired several new/unsealed Part I and Part II boxes, which
since then have just been sitting on a shelf while I decided whether to keep
them as is or open them to try and complete a Part II set.  I finally decided
to open one of the Part II boxes to see just how much of a set I could
complete (about 80%), when the A-17 Angel card title "2nd Angel Lilith" caught
my eye, and I started to look a little closer at the cards...

"More to follow... *much* more..."

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