[EVA] The Eva card game [uh, sorta PG-13 stuff, I guess]

Ebj ebj.nerv at flashnet.it
Wed Sep 12 15:54:55 EDT 2001

Um. Ok. I posted the Groundwork message out of reflex (even used the wrong
account), to do something after yesterday's events. No offense or disrespect
meant to those who may be personally involved in what happened.

This said:

There was once a site (rei.animenetworks.com) that had a lot of the cards on it,
with a translation of the meaning of each card, and the original Japanese text
explaining the depicted scene (the "small print" Bochan reported for card D-88,
I guess).

The site is now unresponsive (the whole domain), but another member of this list
gave me one of the few card scans she had kept of it, and I was struck by it.
the card seems to be named "H-11lv", and the title is the english translation
for "Saseida orette". To those familiar with the Japanese version of the show,
this line will bring to memory the famous hospital scene in Air, and the "I'm
the lowest" or "I'm f*cked up" translation. However, while the context is that
one, the image is quite different.

What we see is the aftermath of Third Impact, like in the ending sequence, there
is Shinji standing (dressed in his school uniform), his hand, palm up, in front
of him, and he's looking at (and casting his shadow upon) an unconscious Asuka,
laying of the ground in an
unconscious-but-also-inviting-and-somewhat-surrendering pose, her home attire
messed up so that all what was visible of her in the original scene is there for
Shinji and the viewer to see. If it works, this should host the card:

My reason to bring this up is the Japanese text at the bottom of it, which is a
bit hard to make out because of the resolution of the picture. Below I include a
translation to English of a rough translation to Italian, so bear with its

"In the sea of LCL, Shinji had wished for a world where there would be another
person. Hurt and betrayed, until now he has wanted/asked/prayed to meet (her).
Until now, (these) his sensations/feelings, in this new world there's Asuka.
He has kept hurting, the girl has been hurt. [reference to what he's done?]
However, despite everything, what he has hoped for/wanted/longed for was her."

By the looks of the card, this text wouldn't appear to belong here. However, it
does fit somehow (for the reference reason, for example). But IMO it goes beyond
that, and if coupled with Bochan's translation of D-88 of vol.2, it helps
understand the ending of the movie.

That's it.


[There are survivors being pulled out, thank God (whichever you believe in)]
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