[EVA] The Eva card game [uh, sorta PG-13 stuff, I guess]

adam green kalafarski agkalafa at midway.uchicago.edu
Wed Sep 12 11:25:36 EDT 2001

I think some clarification is neccessary for people not familiar with the
card game. The double sided Hokan cards (translated as "Instrumentality
Cards" in the game rules I've read) have a special goal for the player to
achieve. For instance, there is a "Auska gets Shinji" card, a "Rei gets
Shinji" card, a "Shinji reconciles with Gendo" card etc. These cards and
the text on them could be seen as alternate possibilites of what could
happen. Like fanfiction, the text in these cards seem to give a plausible
justification for each ending. With that in mind, the characterizations in
these cards should be taken with a grain of salt.

This also opens up the question of how much we can trust what is on the
rest of the cards. Who wrote the card's text? How much (if any) contact
was there with Gianax? Don't get my wrong, even if the text on these cards
are essentialy a fan's interpritation all the translations I've seen so
far have been well written and interesting enough to intrigue me. I'm more
interested in finding a new way to enjoy EVA than finding the "one hidden
truth" of the show.


On Wed, 12 Sep 2001, MMKokusaiYK wrote:

> > the card seems to be named "H-11lv",
> > and the title is the english translation for "Saseida orette".
> > <snip> famous hospital scene in Air, and the "I'm the
> > lowest" or "I'm f*cked up" translation.
> >
> > What we see is the aftermath of Third Impact, like in the ending sequence,
> > there is Shinji standing (dressed in his school uniform), his hand, palm
> > up, in front of him, and he's looking at (and casting his shadow upon) an
> > unconscious Asuka, laying of the ground in an unconscious-but-also-
> > inviting-and-somewhat-surrendering pose, <snip>
> This is the H-11 Hokan card, and it is one that I had also marked.
> Unlike the regular cards, these Hokan cards have images+text on both sides.
> The reverse side is titled "3rd Children Ikari Shinji", and the text is:
>      "Neither Yui, Rei nor Misato could do as a woman for Shinji.
>       Asuka alone was the only girl on equal footing with him.  So,
>       Shinji desired/sought after Asuka.  "I'm afraid of Misato and
>       Ayanami."  However, Shinji's crude affection only hurt her.
>       In the end, he used her as an object of lust/desire to soothe/
>       console himself..."
> > My reason to bring this up is the Japanese text at the bottom
> > "In the sea of LCL, Shinji had wished for a world where there would be another
> > person. Hurt and betrayed, until now he has wanted/asked/prayed to meet (her).
> > Until now, (these) his sensations/feelings, in this new world there's Asuka.
> > He has kept hurting, the girl has been hurt. [reference to what he's done?]
> > However, despite everything, what he has hoped for/wanted/longed for was her."
> Allow me to clean it up a bit:
>      "In the sea of LCL, Shinji wished for a world with other people.
>       He desired to meet them again, even if it meant he would be hurt
>       and betrayed.  And just as he had hoped/wanted, Asuka was
>       present in the new world.  Only Asuka was there beside him.
>       The girl whom he had hurt, and who had been hurt by him.
>       But even so, she was the one he had hoped/wished for...."
> Bochan_bird

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