[EVA] The Eva card game [uh, sorta PG-13 stuff, I guess]

MMKokusaiYK bochan at fuji.ne.jp
Thu Sep 13 14:27:05 EDT 2001

> I think some clarification is neccessary for people not familiar with the
> card game. The double sided Hokan cards (translated as "Instrumentality
> Cards" in the game rules I've read) have a special goal for the player to
> achieve. For instance, there is a "Auska gets Shinji" card, a "Rei gets
> Shinji" card, a "Shinji reconciles with Gendo" card etc. These cards and
> the text on them could be seen as alternate possibilites of what could
> happen. Like fanfiction, the text in these cards seem to give a plausible
> justification for each ending. With that in mind, the characterizations in
> these cards should be taken with a grain of salt.

I strongly disagree with this for the following reasons:
1- The text is not "fanfiction".  The cards were supervised by Gainax, and on a
number of cards the RCB text is even used near-verbatim.
2- The description of the Hokan cards is overly simplistic and in the above three
cases, just plain wrong.  While admitting that I am still missing cards H-4, H-6 and
H-8, there is no "Asuka gets Shinji" card (I assume you mean card H-12?), no "Rei
gets Shinji" card (H-5?), and no "Shinji reconciles with Gendo" card (H-2?).  Each of
these cards deals with actual developments in the series/movies, and the images are
simply used to reinforce the point being made.
For example:
Card H-12 shows Asuka hugging someone whose face is cut off at the top of the image
and thus cannot be seen.  This person might be mistaken for Shinji, except that the
relative size of the person obviously makes it an adult, and the card deals with
Asuka waking up in Eva-02 at the bottom of the Geofront lake (EoE scene) and
realizing that her mother is there and has always been watching over her.
Card H-5 shows Rei and Shinji facing each other with the moon in the background.  The
title is "This is my heart? I want to be one with Ikari-kun?" (Ep23 dialog), and the
fine print reads: "As the scenario progresses, he changes her. A smile, worrying,
words of thanks... Eventually, with her first tears, she realizes. 'I want to be with
Ikari.'"  Not only does this describe the TV series scene perfectly, but I hardly
think it qualifies as "Rei gets Shinji".
Card H-2 shows Shinji in his plug suit facing Gendo (back view).  The title is "I was
praised by my father/My father praised me", and the fine print reads: "'You did well,
Shinji.' -- Gendo praised Shinji, who had piloted Eva. Shinji, who had avoided and
rejected his father, realised how much he needed/wanted his father. At the same time,
Gendo was also coming to understand a sense of (comfortable) distance with his son.
As father and son move toward each other, however slow, perhaps one day...."  This is
perhaps the most ambiguous of the three cards, but it is still a far cry from "Shinji
reconciles with Gendo".

So far I have not seen any info text that contradicts the series or in any way adds
new endings or scenarios that could be considered "fanfiction".


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