[EVA] The Eva card game [uh, sorta PG-13 stuff, I guess]

MMKokusaiYK bochan at fuji.ne.jp
Fri Sep 14 04:31:47 EDT 2001

> >So far I have not seen any info text that contradicts the series or in any
> >way adds new endings or scenarios that could be considered "fanfiction".
> Hmm... H-14? ^_^;

Yes?  What about it?
The regular side shows the EoE scene with Misato kissing Shinji.
The info text here is:
     "3rd Children, Ikari Shinji -- Misato monitored him in her capacity
      as Nerv Tactical Operations Chief.  Monitoring in the format of
      living together, a format that would not agitate him.  Play acting,
      searching for a comfortable distance, clashing, rejecting, worrying,
      joking, fighting, and understanding.  The apartment changed from
      a simple dwelling to a home..."

The gold foil side shows Shinji and Misato dressed up and sharing cocktails in
a club.  However, the title is Misato's EoE line: "That's a grownup kiss.
We'll do the rest when you get back." and the info text is fairly
     "While fighting the Angels together, the two began to view each
      other not just as Tactical Operations Chief and pilot, but in a special
      way.  Older sister and younger brother, mother and son, girl and
      boy... but the two did not notice/realize the word used to express
      these feelings (this relationship?).  However, time would teach
      them, just as it had fostered the relationship between them."

Sure the image is different, but there is nothing "fanfiction" in the
description.  Not only does it perfectly describe the progression of emotional
bonding in the series/movies, but the gold foil side info text even mirrors
the RCB text describing the same.


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