[EVA] Mahoromatic artbook

MMKokusaiYK bochan at fuji.ne.jp
Thu Feb 7 01:09:20 EST 2002

> GAiNAX will be releasing a series of artbooks of
> original cel art for Mahoromatic, similar to the
> Groundwork books for Eva and FLCL.

Mahoromatic is directed by Yamaga, who personally volunteered for the
job, saying that he loves and has always wanted to direct this type of
anime.  However, before everyone rushes to buy the DVD (or get the
fansub), it should be noted that Mahoromatic is a 180-degree reversal
from the epic film Wings of Honneamise (Royal Space Force).  Not only is
the artwork and animation quality quite simple due to the limited budget
and production time for a TV series rather than an animated movie, but
the show is also quite possibly the biggest glob of fan-service that I
have ever seen in a TV series (albeit satellite TV).
The first episode of Mahoromatic was screened at the Gainax Live! event
held in Nagoya on January 20, and to be honest the fan-service
(otaku/hentai) was so flagrant that it was quite embarrassing to watch.
Most of the audience visibly squirmed in their seats throughout the
episode (I know I did), and the applause afterwards was polite but

Bochan_bird   *_*;;;
"It resembled some of Gainax's computer games..."

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