[EVA] Mahoromatic [OT-ish]

MMKokusaiYK bochan at fuji.ne.jp
Thu Feb 7 13:29:33 EST 2002

> I think the official website is www.najica.com  :)

Okay, I checked out this site. (against my better judgment)  :b

> I think it's a late night TV series, though it seems a
> continuation of the theme started in the infamous AIKa
> series (OAV series).
> > "flagrant, rampant and gratuitous..."
> Sounds like Najica and AIKa  :P

I still think that Mahoromatic is worse for two reasons:
1- Najica and AIKa, despite the packaging, appear to have some form of
coherent plot or storyline.  Mahoromatic, on the other hand, is simply
pre-packaged otaku fan-service with a setting, but no real plot (at
least as far as I can tell).
2- Director Yamaga himself described Mahoromatic as essentially a
"bespectacled, serious and innocent young boy meets overly-friendly
girls/women with big tits" show, with no real mention of anything else.

"nuff said..."  -_-

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