[EVA] New poster and manga info[spoilers for eps 18 and 19]

Furio Casa baroncini at pointest.com
Sat May 17 13:48:19 EDT 2003

> I've read it, and I agree with you. To me, manga is just another fanfic,
> only with great illustrations.
Keep in mind, as EBJ said, that the manga is Sadamoto's Evangelion not
Anno's one. He is simply re-telling the story with a slightly different

> It's not that I don't like manga at all, I love Sadamoto's artwork and I
> thought the manga was pretty funny at the beginning. But with every new
> chapter I liked manga less and less, and the 8th volume... Brr. I had a
> feeling that I was reading another badly written fanfic.
>From a technical point of view, it is impossible to "translate" all the
atmospheres, and facts of an anime in a manga. And vice-verse (did You read
"Berserk" ? The anime is completely different).

> Why I don't like the manga? Because it's much worse than anime, that's
> If I haven't ever watched anime, I would love the manga. Unfortunatelly,
> I've watched anime first.
This is a personal opinion and I have to respect it.

> But, back to manga.
> It's quite different from anime. At first I thought it was a good thing,
> who'd like to watch exactly the same events for the second time?
> However, not only the story was changed. The change of characters is what
> hurt me the most, because I loved every character from anime. Misato is
> probably the one who hasn't been changed much. Shinji in manga seems to be
> just another hormone-driven teenager, with somehow empty head. Touji and
> Kensuke are even worse. Asuka in the manga is pretty unrealistic - just
> at the way she appears, kicking some much older and stronger guys asses.
> This isn't Karate Kid, Sadamoto-sensei. What's more, she graduated from
> university, but acts like an another empty-headed girl.
Once again, Sadamoto has "drawn" his own vision of the same problem pointed
out by Anno. Make a comparison between the scene of Shinji and Gendou when
they met at Yui's grave.

> I won't talk about Rei, because It'd probably be a spoiler, same thing
> Ritsuko. Kaji... eh, that would be a spoiler, too.
We already know the "fate" of some characters.

> Kaworu.. I don't care about the spoilers, he was made into a complete
> sadistic idiot in the manga. Sadamoto most've really hate him to make him
> like that, or maybe he just wanted to improve his characterization? In
> case, he failed. In the end, Kaworu's actions are completely illogical,
> he looks like a weirdo who can lose his way in his own pants. The things
> did <*wink*, spoiler, *wink*> would've made sense if they were shown as a
> flashback from Kaworu's childhood, but the way they are shown now, thhey
> don't make sense at all. I have feeling that Kaworu's fans won't be
Like the anime, the manga has its weak points. No one is perfect !!!!

> In the end, Evangelion manga became just another shonen manga like Love
> Hina, only better. Things that may distress about 13-15 years old male
> reader (Shinji's lack of spine, the way he doesn't react in 19 ep when
> 00 and 02 are badly beaten, Shinji's slight attraction towards Kaworu,
> almost all of that psychological/phylosophical nonsense, and a lot more)
> were removed, and they were added thind such as more fan service
> romantic interaction between main characters, humour, etc.
> What's more, Sadamoto said, that he wants to give the manga a happy
> I fear his conception of "happy".
Sadamoto hasn't finished his work jet. It is wise to wait the end before
making definitive statements.

> So, is manga bad? No, it's just totally different. I don't like it, but
> people who like mangas like Love Hina will probably like it. For me, it's
> just another fanfic... only with wonderful art^__^.
Did You expect the manga to be the exact copy of the anime? For several
reasons this is not possible.
> My, that was a long mail. Please forgive me my grammar mistakes:).
> Kami
> www.kami.chan.prv.pl

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