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Briareos Kerensky briareos at inwind.it
Fri May 23 22:05:19 EDT 2003

>   There's nothing in ADV's press release that states the cast and crew of
>Live Action Evangelion will be Americans. Given that Gainax is suppose to be
>involved for all we know the film could end up being directed by Hideaki
>Anno himself. (Doubtful but I thought I'd toss it out there as wishful
>thinking ^_^)

Considering that he breifly left animation for live-action movies, this 
could be a possibility, if only Anno said the word "end" after the to 
animated movies.  Well, if Anno would still be in good contacts with 
Gainax, my fear is that the staff there is searching some funds after their 
latest products weren't as top class (economically speaking, if not they 
wouldn't have prodduced that second wave of merchandise) as Eva, Nadia or 
the previous productions...Abenobashi Mahou Shotengai lives on citations, 
Ebichu is too japanese to appeal eastern audience, FLCL is total nonsense 
and too paritcular(I did liked it, but even one of my Gainax-hardcore-fans 
friend was sceptical after seeing it) and the idea of a second Gunbuster 
really upsets me.
I do agree with EBJ...after the fall of the "big red enemy" american's way 
to make movies has literally touched the barrel's bottom and started to 
dig. And as Dwarves teach, if you dig too much, you can awaken monstrous 
things (Battlefield Earth was one of those).

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