[EVA] End Of Evangelion: Holy crap am i confused... SPOILER WARNING

ltd6417 at juno.com ltd6417 at juno.com
Tue May 27 22:34:21 EDT 2003

Well, i just finished watching End of Eva and do I have a lot of
questions regarding that. Like, what was up with Rei showing up in the
seen where Misato died? And, why was Kaworu one of the forms Lilith/Rei
took on? In the last scene, Asuka was wearing bandages exactly like Rei
always does when she's injured. That brings up two questions: Why does
Rei always have an eye patched and an arm wrapped up, and, why is asuka
bandaged that way? And, is it just me, or is Gendo a pedaphile? That is

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