[EVA] End Of Evangelion: Holy crap am i confused... SPOILER WARNING

Obbish ob_freepaws at yahoo.com
Wed May 28 19:10:08 EDT 2003

>(see the inside of her arm for further
> hints).

I think that the un-textureness of the inside of Asuka's arm was because
Unit-02's arm was splitted by a Loginus Lance replica. The Lance's special
property was that it was the only weapon that can penetrate A.T. Fields. And
having said that, I think Asuka's arm isn't being split apart like meat and
bone-wise, but the cells' A.T. Fields are being separated(References: Remember
Rei, later in the film, saying that the A.T. Field is what keeps living matter
bound in their forms..), thusly producing a 'pool of primodial soup' effect on
the insides of her arm.

That's just my views on the matter.


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